I wrote this one for the folks who are in a serious struggle with TVA over the potential creation of yet  another Coal Ash Landfill in the Claxton Community at the Bull Run Steam Plant. TVA started construction of the plant in 1962 and it is scheduled to shut down 2023. The Coal Ash poses a great  threat to the health of the community and the water supply. Those old unlined storage facilities are full of toxic materials and are starting to leak contaminates into the groundwater. This is serious business folks.

I attended a meeting in Clinton last week that was standing room only with folks spilling out into the hallway. Read up on what is going on at Bull Run and support these folks before TVA gets a permit from TDEC. The people are fighting back. Support them any way you can. 

The Mayor of Oak Ridge was there as well as folks from Knoxville , Powell, Claxton and Clinton. As a reminder of how toxic this Coal Ash is there were several of the Kingston Spill  workers there who are living the hell of the consequences of mishandling Coal Ash.It's killer.

Here's my song I wrote that helps tell their story.


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