This song was written for the Kingston Coal Ash Spill Workers. It tells their story. It speaks of their battle and their courage. It speaks

to the injustice that they have experienced at the hands of TVA and Jacobs Engineering. Every word is true.The workers were first

responders to the call for a clean up project when a coal ash storage pond wall broke in 2008 and released over 7 millions tons of

poisonous coal ash slurry onto 300 acres of land.Having been denied safety masks and suits they were exposed to toxic chemicals

daily-many for several years.They started getting unusual health problems which were reported and ignored.They are still fighting for

justice. They need medical services and compensation -over 40 have died and 400 are sick. They don't want anyone to go thru what

their friends and family have endured. They are currently stuck in a court battle with a Fortune 500 company and TVA. They are strong

in spirit and resilient and they could use your support. Fossil fuel plants are dangerous - from the risks and health hazards to get coal

out of the ground to the noxious pollutants that are put into the air to disposal of the coal ash that remains. I urge you to educate

yourself as to how this extremely dangerous material is being mishandled and creating  public health hazards. I will post more

links on my site soon that tell the story.Jamie Satterfield has been covering this story consistently for years. Look up Knoxville News

Sentinel Coal Ash Spill and read about the largest environmental spill in this  country - it was in your back yard Knoxville folks . I'm

asking you to wake up and stand up. TVA is still doing business with a company that would not let workers wear masks while working

in the toxic fly ash dust to protect their lungs.

"What does that tell you boys".

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